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Color : Dark Navy/Dark Navy

We're sorry, but the GEL-Lyte III has been discontinued.

Design Notes

​T​he ASICS Tiger™​ ​brand x Kicks Lab​ ​bring you the “​Hikeshi-Hanten”​​​ GEL-LYTE® III ​model​ inspired by Edo era (1603​-​1868)​​ Japanese firefighter​s​ ​known ​as a "​Hikeshi". ​Designed in collaboration with world famous Japanese born artist, sneakerwolf, ​the iconic split tongue​​ ​​features his signature style “Kanji-Graphy”​ containing unique alphabets paying respect to E​do​ style characters.​ The color palette adopt​s​ the main colors of ​the Hikeshi uniform ​- ​indigo, vermillion and white.​ Leather and suede​ are used to ​symbolize fire-resistance, while plain weaved cotton,​​ similar to what​ was used as a main fabric of the uniform ​Hikeshi-Hanten​ once used, are also adopted on the shoes. ​ Lastly a translucent ​outsole and printed​ ​tiger and​ dragon​ insoles are used to ​represent “IKI”​ - meaning the way of behavior, thoughts or living that the men in​ the​ EDO era​ ​used to regard as stylish.