ASICS Tiger VOICE vol.5

Gaël Monfils




Professional Tennis Player


“ASICS Tiger VOICE” introduces figures who continue to express themselves with ASICS Tiger and their unique views on the past, present, and future of ASICS Tiger brand.

In the fifth issue, we have Mr. Gaël Monfils, a French professional tennis player. Mr. Monfils draws attention by his ever-changing playing style and fashion acumen. He talks about the ASICS Tiger brand from his unique perspective.


Came to know the ASICS Tiger brand through the Onitsuka Tiger brand

—Could you tell us how you came to know the ASICS Tiger brand and what was your first impression?

I was familiar to some degree with the ASICS brand but didn’t know about its history. I came to know the ASICS Tiger brand through the Onitsuka Tiger brand which was used in the movie, “Kill Bill.”
The brand ASICS was always defined as a “performance” brand for athletes, but the ASICS Tiger brand was discussed in a fashion context, so it was really fresh to me.

Not “performance” but “lifestyle”

—When you wore ASICS Tiger shoes, how did your friends and others react?

People were curious and envious at the same time. The brand ASICS Tiger was not known as much as the ASICS brand, regarded as performance shoes, but they liked the design and colours of the shoes I wore. I think it is great to have ASICS Tiger shoes as lifestyle shoes that are different from the ASICS brand, which are performance shoes.


My favorite is high cut shoes

—In addition to being a great tennis player, people admire you as a fashionista. Tell us what you care about when choosing your sneakers?

I spend a lot of time researching my sneakers. As I am a basketball fan, I rather prefer high cut shoes, so I like the new product, the GEL-LYTE MT model. I change colours depending on the seasons and my mood. As the heritage of ASICS is incorporated into the brand ASICS Tiger, I think the brand is of the highest quality both in design and performance.

Modern yet retro

—We understand that your favorite is the GEL-LYTE III shoe. What are the reasons?

I can’t remember exactly how I came to like it, but sometimes a model you just see clicks straight away. The GEL-LYTE III shoe looks modern and retro at the same time. The variety of colours available makes it easy to coordinate with the clothes I bring in my travel bag.


The latest model marks the transition of the ASICS Tiger brand

—What is your impression about the latest model of the ASICS Tiger brand?

I am a big fan of flashy colours and I think colours could certainly be a direction to look at for the design team of ASICS Tiger. Because of its innovative colours, I think the 2016 CHAMELEOID MESH series will mark the transition from just a sneaker to a fashion accessory. The brand ASICS Tiger has gone through a lot of changes and evolution but its identity remains the same. The vision of the founder Mr. Onitsuka is still vividly alive. I want the core of the brand to be maintained no matter how much success it achieves.




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